Birthday Cake Smashes

 Awarded 2nd place
BEST Cake Smash Photographer

Cake Smash Photography creates such a fun way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, their big milestone of turning ONE.

At Belly, Baby & Co Photography our Cake Smash sessions
are fun, messy and full of laughter and smiles.

It’s the perfect way to capture their cheeky, sweet personality as it starts to really shine.
Will they love their cake or won’t they?! Let’s find out!

This session is just for your baby, it’s a time to celebrate them. ¬†Portraits of your baby are taken before they get messy, while they get messy and enjoy their cake and then finally while splashing around in a nice warm bubble bath to get cleaned up.

1st Birthday Cake Smashes are great for babies 10 months old – 13 months old but can be done older if needed.
With a number of backdrops and options to choose from to customise your session, our aim is to provide you with the best cake smash experience for both you and your little one.

We endeavour to give you the most amazing memories to look at for many years to come. Did you know we do birthday cake smashes for all the other years as they get older too?

EXPLORE some of our Cake Smash Sessions Gallery BELOW.

Cohen – 1st Birthday
Amity – 1st Birthday
Daivik – 1st Birthday
Savannah – 1st Birthday
Billy – 1st Birthday
Lenny – 1st Birthday
Solomon – 1st Birthday
Zara – 1st Birthday
Harry – 1st Birthday
Tristan – 1st Birthday
Alison – 1st Birthday
Sarah – 1st Birthday
Evie – 1st Birthday
Cienna – 1st Birthday
Clara – 1st Birthday – Coming Soon
Sofia – 1st Birthday
Parker – 1st Birthday
Missy – 2nd Birthday
Zachary – 6th Birthday
Cruz – 2nd Birthday
Chaise – 8th Birthday
Patricia – 1st Birthday



Snowy – 1st Birthday
Dominic – 1st Birthday