About Amy

Meet the lady behind the camera…
Amy Kurczewski


Welcome to Belly, Baby & Co Photography..

Firstly, I’d love to introduce myself.
I am Amy, a professional newborn baby/baby photographer located in Chirnside Park, a suburb found in the beautiful Yarra Ranges in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

How would I describe myself? … I am a bit of a perfectionist, I love to dream, I am determined to succeed and most of all, a kind person that wears my heart on my sleeve.

I’m someone who loves quality time with my family – as crazy as my little family of 3 sometimes is, they are my world.

Photography has always been something I have loved doing.  My interest and love for newborn photography was sparked when I had my son Zachary back in 2015 and had professional photos of him done in all his newborn bliss.  I adore the memories that were captured and loved the thought of being able to give families these same precious memories!

I hold a certificate in Newborn Photography through the Academy of Newborn Photography which was completed early in 2019.  As part of the training, it included completing a certificate in First AID and Infant CPR, as well as participating in a Newborn Safety Workshop.

Be rest assured, that the safety of your baby and your family when you come in to my studio is my number one priority, ensuring that your baby is safe at all times.  My immunisations and boosters are up to date, including whooping cough.  I pride myself on the safe and hygienic environment I provide for you and your baby to be in.

My style is simple, timeless and rustic.  I love to capture all the little details, I love neutral and muted tones of colour and I love wood, flowers, greenery and different textures.
However, when it comes to cake smashes, I love both the simple and elegant setups and those that are a bit more vibrant, upbeat and fun.

I find one of the best things when families are in my studio is listening to their stories – their pregnancy journey, their birth story and how they are enjoying parenthood – their highs and lows.  Seeing how proud they are of their little family they have created warms my heart beyond words. I love capturing this special bond!

Being a part of the journey beyond a baby’s newborn phase and watching a baby and his or her family grow together is just as beautiful and memorable for me to be involved in too.  It makes me feel very honoured to be able to be a small part of a baby’s life by documenting what their first 12 months has been and how much they have changed in that time.

This is why I specialise in documenting a baby’s story from newborn through to their first birthday and beyond.  A time that goes by in just the blink of an eye.

This is by far the best career I could have ever dreamt of doing, it fills my heart with so much love and happiness by creating individual and unique pieces of art for each family that comes in to my studio.  Providing something so irreplaceable and so precious is truely the most amazing ticket back in time to remember what your little baby once looked like.   I absolutely love it!